data science • machine learning • causal inference



analysis & algorithms

forecasting • machine learning • measurement

Our team of data scientists are fluent in frontier statistical and machine learning algorithms that can help you see into the future. Drawing on deep academic and industry experience solving data scientific problems, we work closely with clients to quantify, trace, and forecast objects that are vital to your business.

evaluation research

causation • economic valuation • cost-effectiveness

The modern tools of causal inference from applied statistics and econometrics allow one to achieve the scientific rigor of randomized controlled trials. Our data scientists are highly skilled in these analytical tools, assisting our private and public sector partners to evaluate the causal effects of their policies and strategic decisions.

product development

data dashboards • dynamic reports • web applications

Our skilled team of software engineers, graphic designers, and backend developers will help you conceive, develop, deploy, and monitor statistical and machine learning applications for internal decision support or the marketplace. With enterprise-grade security, our end-to-end development protocols can help you realize your data product ambitions.



Mountain Data Group is a diverse team of Ph.D. trained data scientists and developers with expertise in machine learning, statistical forecasting, causal inference, database design, application development, and product lifecycle management.

Leadership Team

Sammy Zahran, PhD
Principal Data Scientist
Chris Slootmaker, PhD
Lead Data Scientist
Ryan Levitt, PhD
Lead Data Scientist
Chris Keyes, PhD
Lead Data Scientist


We deploy data science solutions to top brands in industry sectors of biotechnology, risk management, financial engineering, health sciences, legal services, and retail trade. We maintain strict confidentiality and discretion in all services and statistical technology created on behalf of our clients.

Sponsored Research

Our data scientists have performed sponsored research for top scientific agencies and tackled problems of public import at all levels of government.

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